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November 10, 2010

In an effort to shift users from the online OED back to the paper version (an aside by a logophile: why would you ever read a beautiful document like the Oxford English Dictionary on a computer screen?), a Young & Rubicam campaign fomented a website that simply shimmers with brilliance. urges visitors to adopt a rare word that has fallen into disuse and out of the dictionary’s body of etymological wonders.

The Save the Words site greets its audience with protest-connoting march of signs which all cluster in the foreground and beg readers, “pick me!”

The campaign is working. The blogosphere and media are taking note of the pull of marketing words to a dictionary’s target audience: word geeks.

To honor the creativity of the site, to resurrect the glorious words, and to support the idea of paper dictionaries, I urge you to go. Sponsor a word. The tragedy of wordicide is too much to bear, and you can help. In your succisive ponderings, while your world famous cheese is rendling, find a plebicular word and adopt it.


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