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Presentational wisdom

November 21, 2010

I’d like to pose a question to you creative professionals:

When presenting several options to a client, how do you order them?

In a naming presentation I try to put the strongest names third and almost last. I’ve been experimenting with where to put the expected, shocking, brazen, and clever options.

How do you visual types do it? Logos, websites, collateral, environmental, packaging designers, and creative directors: how do you present ideas? If you only present three, do you put the aspirational first? Last?

How about you verbal specialists? Do you begin slowly and ramp up toward the wildest ideas? Go back and forth between safe and scary? Tell us, advertising copywriters, content developers, and writers: how do you present your work?

I’ve mentioned before that I know, no matter where I hide it, the safe, expected choice is often what clients choose. Anyone found a way to steer clients away from the least creative option just by its presentation placement?

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