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The opportunity of forced rebranding

February 11, 2011

First comes the letter: attorneys from a similarly named company want you to cease and desist using your brand name.

Then comes the resistance. “But we love our name!” “But we had it first!” “But this name is perfect for us!”

Sometimes you can fight the request. Sometimes, whether for lack of time, money, or legal footing, you have to change your name.

And while many leadership teams resist this endeavor, which can be daunting, it often offers a great opportunity. Reassess your place in the market, hone your message, perfect your voice. And condense your brand’s very being into a single word.

Ahhhhh. A new name.

Recently, a graphic design boutique in Chicago got the cease and desist letter. “But wait!” cried the Owner and Creative Directo, Lisa Gainor. “Hello Designers is the perfect name for us! It’s friendly and playful and speaks to our design expertise! It has a lightness and a personal touch that represents our personality and our clients’ favorite experiences with us.”

And yet they had to change.

So after a strategic process of competitive market analysis, positioning, and brand voice consolidation, Hello Designers became Step Brightly.

The new name is playful, bright, active, and evocative. Step Brightly looks forward and struts toward a creative future. It’s memorable, credible, sustainable, and differentiated.

Does it work for you? Will you call Step Brightly when you need design?

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